At Tech City UK we believe that great digital businesses are built from strong ecosystems. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of both by optimising the conditions in which to imagine, start and grow a digital business.

We are both publicly and privately funded. We started life in East London, known as Tech City or Silicon Roundabout. Since then, we have grown nationwide through our national programmes and strategic initiatives such as Tech North.

We champion tech businesses at every stage of their business lifecycle.
We advocate for the tech sector, working closely with policymakers and entrepreneurs
We nurture and attract the best and brightest talent

We do this through:
Business lifecycle programmes: Northern Stars, Upscale, Future Fifty & Founders Network
Talent and skills programmes: Tech Nation Visa scheme & Digital Business Academy
Insight and publications: Tech Nation, Digital Powerhouse & Tech Nation Best Practice
Events & media engagement by connecting and up skilling people across the UK

What is it? The largest community-driven research project of the UK’s digital tech industries.

Impact: More than 200,000 annual downloads of the report, representing voices from across the UK.

What is it? An online academy to help aspiring entrepreneurs imagine, start, grow or join a digital business.

Impact: More than 14,000 students in training, a 45% increase in the past year.

What is it? A powerful network of the UK’s late stage tech companies providing access to a valuable peer network; expert-led classes and workshops.

Impact: Collectively, Future Fifty companies have raised $3.9 billion, 17 M&As and 5IPOs in the past 36 months.

What is it? A pitch competition that identifies and showcases the most promising North of England-based startups, with access to high profile media and investor opportunities.

Impact: Collectively, the companies have raised $6 million through curated networks such as Tech Crunch Disrupt, Bloomberg, SXSW and more.

What is it? Brings tech startup founders from across the North of England together to learn from world-class educators and founders.

Impact: 18 workshops over 6 months across the North of England, plus a one day Summit, reaching 500+ startup founders.

What is it? A dedicated Visa Scheme to attract digital expertise from around the world.

Impact: 5x more monthly applications in 2016 than in 2015.

What is it? Deep dive workshops into the UK’s digital ecosystem for corporates and institutions.

Impact: More than 170 companies have received training in the past eight months.

What is it?
A six-month programme for fast-growth scaling companies mentored by world-class coaches.

Impact: Collectively, Upscale companies have raised $239 million in funding in the past 18 months.

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