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Reggie Bradford, SVP Product Development, Oracle

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As the original Silicon Valley startup, Oracle knows a thing or two about tech startups and the conditions that bring about their success. The UK has established itself as an innovation hub and has built an enviable startup culture that extends beyond the capital; this year’s Tech Nation Report reveals startups are now prevalent in almost every corner of the country.

The last 12 months have been characterised by business uncertainty, but for entrepreneurs this presents an opportunity. Incubators, accelerators and regional development agencies have worked wonders nurturing startups, creating environments for collaboration to thrive, and expanding the UK’s tech economy beyond London. As a result, overseas talent and investment from global companies (including Oracle) is flocking to the country and driving the development of the next wave of innovative businesses.

The UK government and business community has created a global center of excellence for supporting great ideas at an early stage. It is proudly enabling these ideas to grow into viable businesses, which then help to attract further talent and investment into the UK, and ultimately work to bolster the economy – a fact which this report compounds.