Number of digital jobs – An estimation of employment in the digital tech industries and the digital tech economy. The APS has allowed us to capture digital embeddedness, that is digital experts working in non-digital industries. It also coves freelancers and self-employed workers. (Source: ONS Annual Population Survey)

GVA (Gross Value Added) – Average digital GVA between 2013-2015. GVA measures the contribution of each economic unit by estimating the value of an output (goods or services) less the value of inputs used in that output’s production process. (Source: ABS/BSD) .

High growth businesses – Proportion of digital tech businesses classified as high growth. Refers to businesses with 10 or more employees that are in the top 10% of all companies in terms of growth. (Source BSD, 2015).

Digital concentration / Location quotient (LQ) – Indicates the geographic concentration of digital business turnover relative to the UK. A value of one indicates average digital concentration, while a value of greater than one indicates a higher concentration. (Source: BSD)

Startup births – Average number of startup births 2011 - 2015 (Source: BSD)

Housing affordability ratio – House price to salary ratio

Life satisfaction – Life satisfaction (10 pt scale, ONS data)

Average House Price – Semi Detached Average House Price (Land Registry, Dec 2016)

Commercial Rent Per Annum (£ sq/ft) – Prime office rents (JLL< 2016)

Office vacancy rate – (Source JLL, 2016) Quoted figures are percentage of vacant office floorspace across all grades

Average Advertised Digital Salary – Digital tech economy average salary (2016) in each cluster (source: Burning Glass)